Whitney Hostel Part II 2007
Name: Whitney Lilly Keye

Born: November 22, 1989

Death date: february 22, 2012

Gender: Female
Race: American
Relationships: Beth (friend)

Lorna (friend) ✞

Enemies: Axelle
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Decapitated
Purchaser: Todd, later Stuart
Portrayed By: Bijou Phillips

Rooney Mara

First Appearance: Hostel Part II

Hostel Remake

Whitney is one of the three main characters in Hostel: Part II.


Whitney was an art student who studied in Italy with her friend Beth. There they meet the emotionally unstable Lorna who boards a train home with them against Whitney's wishes. On the train they meet Axelle who invites them to join her on a trip to a luxurious spa in Slovakia which they agree to.


They arrive at a small Slovak town were they check into a hostel. There passport photos are then uploaded to a website were rich clients begin bidding off of them. The highest bidder Todd buys Whitney for himself and Beth for his friend Stuart.

The Harvest Festival

That night, after unpacking and settling in the four girls attend the harvest festival. Whitney has her eye on a Russian man named Miroslav and the two spend the whole night together. After a long night of partying Beth helps the intoxicated Whitney back to the room while Axelle stays behind to wait for Lorna ran off with some guy.

Elite Hunting

The next day, Beth and Whitney are shocked to find that Lorna still hasn't returned. They all go to the spa and Beth drifts off and falls asleep. She wakes up to find that Whitney has gone missing. Whitney is brought to the factory and almost escapes but since Paxton's escape the security has enhanced greatly. She is recaptured and joined by Todd who grabs a circular saw and begins toying with her but he accidentally gets her hair caught and rips off her scalp. Unable to finish the job, Todd leaves. Stuart was then asked to finish her which he did by decapitating her with a machete.