358px-Dutch Businessman 01
Name: The Dutch Businessman
Gender: Male

Born: February 14, 1949

Date of death: March 21, 2012

Race: Dutch
Relationships: Josh (Victim)
Enemies: Paxton
Status: Deceased

Alive (Alternate Ending)

Cause of Death: Throat slit by Paxton
Portrayed By: Jan Vlasák
First Appearance: Hostel

The Dutch Businessman is the main antagonist of Hostel. He is one of the more brutal characters.


The Businessman first appears on a train headed to Serbia were he encounters the three friends. He freaks Josh out by placing his hand upon his thigh and leaves quickly. He is shown a second time when Josh apologizes to him for overreacting on the train. The next time he is shown it is in the factory were he tortures Josh telling him of his unfulfilled dream off being a surgeon before finally killing him. Paxton later witnesses him dissecting Josh's lifeless body and at the end kills him for it by slitting his neck open in a bathroom stall. In the alternate ending of the movie, Paxton kidnaps the Dutch Businessman's daughter instead of killing him.

Hostel:Part IIEdit

The Dutch Businessman is seen in Hostel: Part II in a flashback where his dead body is found by a custodian in the bathroom stall.

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