American client
Name: The American Client
Gender: Male

Born: June 12, 1970

Date of death: March 21, 2012

Race: Caucasian
Relationships: Kana (victim)
Weapon of Choice: Blowtorch
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Shot by Paxton
Portrayed By: Rick Hoffman
First Appearance: Hostel

The American client appears in Hostel. He is the purchaser of Kana.


The American client is shown in Hostel. He encounters Paxton in the changing room during his escape. They share small talk, revealing that he is very sick and twisted. He asks Paxton if he should kill his victim quickly, or slowly. Despite Paxton saying to do it quickly, the client agrees with himself that killing slowly is better. Paxton continues his escape but returns afterwards hearing a women's cries coming from within. He barges in to witness the American client burning Kana with a blowtorch. Paxton shoots him twice in the stomach, killing him.

Hostel: Part IIEdit

The American client is shown in a brief flashback in Hostel: Part II.