Name: Olivert Ericksson

Born: July 28, 1983

Death date: March 19, 2011

Race: Caucasian
Relationships: Unnamed Ex-Wife

Unnamed Daughter

Josh (friend) ✞

Paxton (friend) ✞

Enemies: The Dutch Businessman
Weapon of Choice: N/A
Cause of Death: Corpse was seen dissected and decapitated
Purchaser: The Dutch Businessman
Portrayed By: Eythor Gudjonssen
First Appearance: Hostel 1

(July 28, 1983 - March 19, 2012) Oli is an Icelandic drifter who joins Paxton and Josh on there trip through Europe.

The guys stop in Amsterdam and after being kicked out of a night club they are denied entry in there hostel since they have arrived after curfew. A Russian man named Alexi allows them to stay in his home. He tells them of a hostel in Slovakia filled with woman who are willing to do anything with any foreigner.


The three board a train headed for Slovakia were they meet the strange dutch business man. They stop in a small Slovak village were they check into there hostel Oli shows to take a liking in Vala the desk clerk. They are greeted by two attractive single women Natalya and Svetlana who invite them to the spa and later on the disco.

Elite Hunting

That night Oli and Vala head down to the spa while Paxton and Josh sleep with Natalya and Svetlana. The next day, Oli turns up missing. Josh and Paxton are lead to believe he returned to Iceland when they are sent an MMS photo of Oli with the text 'I go home' written beneath it. It is revealed to be Oli's severed head sitting on a table.

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