Norton Adams is the main playable protagonist in Hostel II: The Killing Floor voiced by Paul Mercier.

Norton Adams
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Weapon Socket Wrench
Hostel Game Hostel II

Sasha Rassimov,

The Associate


Active on Good Endings,

Deceased on Bad Endings

Causes of Death:

Decapitation by Battle-Axe,

Throat Slit

Portrayed by:

Voice of Paul Mercier


  • American
  • Backpacker
  • Widow
  • Holder of Great Money
  • Affiliated with Beth Salinger, Whitney Keye, Lorna Weisenfreund and the American Couple
  • Purchase of Sasha Rassimov
  • Potential Member
  • Allure Axelle

The Dead WifeEdit

"All my life i've believed in whatever i was told but this blind faith lead me down a path of emotional and psychical..destruction"

Norton's back-story is shown mostly in long flashbacks and left images apart from the beginning cutscene.

Norton had a wife Marianne who along with their son Adam were to travel around Europe spending the family vacation of a lifetime.

However a bunch of unexplained break ins and property damage was wrongly interpreted by Norton as ghostly attacks of which he attempted to call on a priest for an exorcism of the house.

The man he contacted was actually a fraud a drunken violent man who instead after being caught out for his con act and refused the money he requested killed Marianne and Adam before severley beating Norton leaving him for dead.

Norton tried to contact the police into helping him but was ignored.

The next two years saw Norton quit his job and go onto pursue a career as a thrill debunker revealing supernatural cons all around the world.

He had taken a trip to Bratislava in pursuit of one supposed apartment haunting and after revealing it to be a sham was approached by a beautiful woman remiscent of his wife.

The woman then revealed her name to be Axelle and claimed that there is story of a Hostel in Slovakia of which no one returns from.

The Dead SonEdit

"I see his face wherever i turn, the innocent face...of a lost innocent life"

Norton also lost his son Adam Adams to the drunken fraud priest suppose to rid their house of demonic entities.

Norton had planned he would take his wife and son a cross europe trip to experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Before their murders he had finally bought the plane tickets to escort him and his family to Europe for the trip.

However upon their deaths he used the ticket for him to take that trip himself revealing shams all across Europe.

His son's ticket and wife's were left encased next to Norton on his trip and later left by Beth Salinger for him on the Killing Floor of the abandoned hunting factory.