Natalya Hostel 2006
Name: Natalya

Born: November 5, 1986

Death date: March 20, 2011

Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Relationships: Svetlana (friend) ✞

Axelle (friend) ✞

Enemies: Paxton
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Hit by a car
Portrayed By: Barbara Nedeljakova
First Appearance: Hostel

Natalya is a supporting character and the secondary antagonist in the first film.


In Hostel Paxton, Josh, and Oli check into a room shared with Natalya and Svetlana, two very attractive single women. One night while at the disco Natalya and Svetlana slip the guys tranquilizers. Josh stumbles back to the room passing out and is kidnapped while Paxton passes out in the storage room closet. The girls are suprised to find that Paxton is still alive the next day when he demands to know the wherabouts of Josh. Natalya finally gives in and agrees to show him were he is. They arrive at the factory which Natalya claims is an art exhibit. Paxton is shocked to find Josh's body being dissected and backs up horrified and Natalya watches as Paxton is dragged away by two large thugs sure he will not survive the evening. During Paxton's escape from the factory he spots Natalya talking with Svetlana and Alexi and she is stunned to find that Paxton is still alive. Without hesitation Paxton rams the three of them with his car. Natalya survives, but is hit by a second car driven by the guards chasing Paxton, which drags her body across the street.


In Hostel Part II Natalya is seen in a flashback of the first film and is seen again in a photograph with Svetlana and Axelle in Sasha's mansion.

Personality & Role in FranchiseEdit

Natalya works for Elite Hunting acting as bait to seduce male victims.  She flaunts her body, flirts and puts on a sweet facade to get close enough to drug them and hand them over to be tortured and killed. Natalya makes a considerable amount of money from her work but also seems to enjoy the sadistic element of it describing the tortures at the factory as art and is shown in several scenes smirking and laughing when she has entraped a victim. Her attitude towards during their later scenes together in the film imply she views the men she entraps with contempt and enjoys ridiculing them. She is shown in one scene with track marks on her arms implying she is a heroin user. Natalya is friends with fellow female Elite Hunting employees Svetlana, Vala and Axelle.

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