Lorna Hostel Part II 2007
Name: Lorna Marie Weisenfreund
Gender: Female
Race: American

Born: September 10, 1990

Death date: February 21, 2012

Relationships: Beth Salinger (friend)

Whitney Keye (friend)

Enemies: Axelle
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Throat slit

Heart Stab

Purchaser: Mrs. Bathory
Portrayed By: Heather Matarazzo

Danielle Panabaker

First Appearance: Hostel Part II

Hostel Remake

Lorna is an emotionally detached college student studying art in Italy with fellow students Beth and Whitney. Lorna tags along with the two boarding an overnight train ride home.


On the train the three meet an attractive young woman named Axelle who stops a man from stealing Lorna's iPod. The girls invite her to bunk with them in their cabin. She convinces them to take a detour through Slovakia for a luxurious spa vacation. Upon arriving at there hostel the girls unpack and that night head for the harvest festival.

The Harvest Festival

At the harvest festival Lorna finally decides to let loose and have fun even meeting a nice Russian man named Roman. An intoxicated Lorna accepts Roman's offer to join him on a romantic boat ride out on the lake. Despite telling Beth she would stay close she goes anyway and the two isolated themselves from the others. He asks her to close her eyes and she is ambushed by two large thugs who put a sack over her head. In a panic, she struggles to escape and the thugs let her go before she bumps into Roman who pushes her into the river. Gasping for air, having had a sack over her head into a body of water, she tries to return to the river, but she is knocked out by the thugs.

Elite Hunting

Lorna wakes up in a candle lit room stripped naked and hanging from the ceiling upside down. Minutes later Mrs. Bathory enters the room, takes off her clothes, and lies beneath her in a large tub. She then grabs a scythe and begins slashing her back. After bathing in Lorna's blood she sets the scythe aside and grabs a sickle slitting Lorna's throat wide open killing her.

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