Kana Hostel 2006
Name: Kana
Gender: Female

born : february 26, 1984

death date: march 21, 2012

Race: Japanese
Relationships: Yuki (friend)
Enemies: The American Client
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Suicide ; Hit by a train
Purchaser: The American Client
Portrayed By: Jennifer Lim
First Appearance: Hostel


Kana and her friend Yuki were staying at the same hostel as Paxton, Josh, and Oli. When Yuki mysteriously disappears, Kana is sent an MMS of Yuki and Oli with the word 'Sayonara' written benneath it. Paxton and Josh make plans to leave with Kana the following day but Kana is kidnapped and brought to the factory where she is tortured by The American Client, who burns her eye with a blowtorch. Paxton who had been kidnapped as well arrives in time to save her. The two flee in a getaway car and make it to the train station. When Kana sees a reflection of her disfigured face, she jumps in the path of an oncoming train to end her misery.