The Elite Hunting and Outfitting is an underground organisation that deals in kidnapping and selling people to wealthy clientele, to torture and kill how they see fit.

History Edit

The organisation has existed for an unknown amount of time and exists in many different countries, namely in Slovakia and the United States as shown in the film series. When they find someone who one of their clientele finds desirable and has purchased, the Elite will subdue and take this person to an underground facility where they await the clientele, depending on how long the clientele will take to arrive at the facility. From there, the clientele is able to treat their purchase anyway they please, until they finally kill their victim.

The organisation operates through use of hotels and hostels. When a traveler arrives, their passport is scanned, giving clientele a quick overview of any possible purchases. Bodies are quickly disposed off (in the first hostel, the bodies are seen being dismembered and burned). The organisation appears to have a strict policy enforced for buyers, and appears to execute anyone who fails to terminate their purchase, as seen by Todd after he failed to kill Whitney and attempted to leave.

Known Employees Edit

Known Clientele Edit

  • Mrs. Bathory, purchased Lorna Weisenfreund. She killed Lorna but slashing at her back and bathing in her blood before slicing her throat. Named Mrs. Bathory as an homage to the countess Elizabeth Bathory, who bathed in the blood of young women.
  • The American Client, purchased Kana, a Japanese woman. His preferred method of torture of burning his victims, namely by using a blowtorch.
  • The Cannibal Client, purchased Miroslav and is seen eating parts of his leg a piece at a time.
  • Stuart, was given Beth Salinger by his friend Todd. He ended up bleeding out after Beth subdued him and cut off his genitals.
  • Todd, purchased Whitney Keye and Beth Salinger. After choosing not to kill Whitney, he was attacked and torn apart by savage dogs.
  • The German Surgeon, purchased Paxton. He was however killed by Paxton after accidently cutting his own leg off with a chainsaw. He was then shot in the head by Paxton
  • Carter, purchased Scott. Failed to kill him and was later killed by Scott and his girlfriend Amy in their home with an electric tiller.
  • Beth Salinger, a new Clientele, formerly purchased by Stuart.