Axelle Hostel Part II 2007
Name: Axelle Reaven
Gender: Female
Race: Russian

Born: June 26, 1986

Death date: April 10, 2012

Relationships: Sasha Rassimov (mentor)

Natalya (friend) ✞ Svetlana (friend) ✞

Enemies: Beth Salinger


Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Decapitated
Portrayed By: Vera Jordanova
First Appearance: Hostel Part II

Axelle is the main antagonist of "Hostel Part II". She is the one who orders Paxton's head to be collected after he killed her long time friends Natalya and Svetlana.

Hostel: Part IIEdit

Axelle is first shown as a nude model that Beth, Whitney, and Lorna are sketching. She introduces herself to Beth offering to buy one of her sketches off of her. Axelle flirts heavily with Beth throughout the film. Whether she is genuinely lesbian or bisexual or is doing this as a way of enticing Beth to her death is open to interpretation. She is seen again on the overnight train in the bar buying Beth a drink and later on stopping a man on the train from robbing Lorna of her ipod. They allow her to bunk with them in their cabin and she invites them to join her to a spa in Slovakia.

The four of them arrive in Slovakia and go to the harvest festival. When Lorna runs off with a Russian guy, Axelle volunteers to stay behind and wait for her to return. The next day, they all relax in a hot bath at the spa believing Lorna must have spent the night with the Russian man since she never returned the night before. Beth drifts off and falls asleep waking up hours later to an empty spa. She is approached by thugs and runs off being ambushed by the impoverished street children who begin beating her with sticks. Axelle rescues her and brings her back to a mansion owned by her father. She treats her wounds and allows her to lie down in bed long enough for two large men to arrive and allows her to be kidnapped.


Axelle begins partying at the annual harvest festival when suddenly her handbag is jacked by the street children. She chases after them following them into the woods. She trips over a trip wire looking up she is surprised to see Beth standing over her. Beth says "Nastrovia" a word taught to her by Axelle earlier before decapitating her using a large battle axe. The street children then begin playing soccer with her severed head.

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